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                 We welcome you to our website!!

The fact that you are here indicates that you have an interest in the Peruvian horse and it is hoped that the information that you find here will be informative and entertaining. The Peruvian horse is our “Passion.” We trust that the information provided will “spark” your interest in learning more about these magnificent, spiritual and intelligent horses! 


Our desire is to promote the Peruvian horse, even more so than the Casa de Gloria.  Because of this desire we have included information on Peru, the Peruvian horse’s Spanish heritage and the 500 years of tradition and culture that these magnificent horses have been a part of since Francisco Pizarro and the Conquistadors arrived in Peru in 1532. Should you wish to learn more about this breed we have also included information on the traditional tack and our favorite Peruvian links.  Our “Kids Arena” provides an opportunity for children to have fun, as well as to gain information about the Peruvian horse. We have also added some Safety “Horses-sense” Tips that may help children and beginners feel more secure as they begin their wonderful relationship with horses. 


The Casa de Gloria is not a “horse facility.” It is a spiritual and peaceful ranch.  We adhere to the tradition of the Peruvian horse. We also embrace the Native American’s concept of “being one with your horse.” Both our Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Horsemanship lessons focus on bonding with a horse and reaping the rewards of that relationship. To quote Gawani Pony Boy, “If we are to understand our relationship with the horse we must first understand the relationship that we have with the entire animal kingdom.”  Native Americans believe that animals communicate with human beings and this we also believe to be true. If you will go to “From Our Horse’s Mouth” you will see that each one of our horses have a soul and a sprit that they have shared with us. 


We welcome you to visit us just to enjoy a relaxing and peaceful afternoon or to experience the joy of riding the “smoothest horse on earth!” If you cannot visit us we are more than willing to answer any questions that you may have or to share our experiences and any knowledge that we have gained with you. 


Hasta Luego and Happy Trails!!




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